Rotating Gamma Institute Debrecen, Hungary
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Brain surgery without opening the skull

Radiosurgery of the brain is a special technique that allows the treatment of tumors and other malformations inside the skull with high efficiency. The procedure is performed without actually opening the skull. With this method even some of those patients can be treated who can not undergo the classical open skull operation procedure.

The Debrecen Rotating Gamma Institute allows the radiosurgeric medical attendance of patients in large numbers at the highest possible professional level. With the opening of the center, a technique that is unique in Hungary became available at a place that is solely devoted to the fast and comprehensive treatment of malformations of the nervous system. At the Debrecen Rotating Gamma Institute the treatment is performed by experienced, internationally recognized experts of radiosurgery. During the procedure the joint work of neurosurgeons, radiotherapists, radiologists, and physicists ensures treatments at the highest level of standard.

The essence of the radiosurgical procedure is that beams of gamma-rays - produced by a set of radioactive cobalt isotopes - are focused to pathological tissues inside the skull in a manner that the surrounding healthy tissues remain unaffected.

The treatment causes less stress and less pain for the patient compared to the open skull brain surgery. The only inconvenient part of the procedure is the application of the positioning head frame that assures the accurate fixation of the patient's head with respect to the machine. The head frame is applied using local anaesthesia.

The therapy only takes about 1-2 hours, followed by a few hours of monitoring. After the treatment the patient can leave for home, therefore the time spent at the hospital is usually reduced to a single day. The gamma radiosurgical treatment carries less risk and less chance of infections compared to the traditional surgical methods.

The Debrecen Rotating Gamma Institute was established as a result of a collaboration Civis Régió Medicina Ltd. and the Medical and Health Science Center of the University of Debrecen (DEOEC). The owners of the Civis Régió Medicina Ltd. are the Local Goverment of Debrecen, the VESZ Healthcare Services PBC, and the Brain-X Ltd. The operation of the Debrecen Rotating Gamma Institute is managed by the Brain-X Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Bognár László
Prof. Laszlo Bognar
Department Head, University Professor, Head of Clinic for Neurosurgery